Clinical Supervision

I provide supervision to fulfill LPC Texas State Board Requirements for full licensure. Supervision entails meeting every other week for 1 hour as mandated by the board.

Supervision meeting discussions include:

  • Case conceptualization
  • Career within the field
  • The business of private practice
  • Helpful techniques to utilize with clientele
  • Access to supervisor’s materials such as books, handouts, trainings etc.
  • Potential opportunity to work within a private practice setting

What do I have to offer as a potential supervisor?

I have been in the counseling field for over a decade and have worked in several different agencies and private practice settings. I offer a unique approach to supervision by providing education not only on expanding your therapeutic identity and skills, but also the “ins and outs” of running a successful business. My educational background is in Business and Counseling. I know that it can be challenging trying to navigate your way through this particular field because I have been there, too. However, I also know that a career in counseling can be extremely rewarding. My primary goal as supervisor is to offer continual guidance while the supervisee navigates their way through licensure.

Are we a good fit?

As clinicians know, finding a “good fit” is essential to the success of the therapeutic process. The same goes for finding a supervisor. The supervisee and supervisor will be spending approximately 2 years together, so the selection process is essential! Please don’t hesitate to call me to see if we are a good fit.