Caroline Clyborne Ramirez, MA, LPC

Caroline is not currently accepting new clients. Please contact us to find other SGA counselors that may fit your needs!

Caroline’s Bio

Wanting to change can be frustrating and bring up so much shame. I work with clients to explore what is preventing them from achieving their goals. Therapy is a safe place to work through unresolved feelings, learn how to lean on others, and feel confident in your ability to set limits in relationships.

I believe good therapy works with
thoughts, emotions, and the body. If you have read body language, you have seen motions and thoughts impact a person’s body, from posture and facial expressions to breathing, heart rate, gut feelings, and more. I use talk therapy to help clients communicate with the less logical parts of themselves. This is especially helpful when clients are under stress because big feelings don’t make people more reasonable. If you are doing your best and still feel stuck, come see me.

Education & Training

Bachelor of Arts in Critical Social Thought – Mt. Holvoke College

Master of Arts in Counseling – St. Edward’s Universitv

Areas of Passion

I see individual adults and couples only. Areas of specialized experience include grief, shame, and trauma, including medical trauma. I also helo foster resilience in parents of disabled or nuerodivergent kids.