I have readily identified myself as a therapist when in actuality I am a business owner. It wasn’t until recently, and after the birth of my 1st child, that I realized I had been doing stupid business (meaning more hours and less pay) rather than smart business (less hours and more money). I have dedicated my time and research to learning about other successful business owners and have tapped into the minds of several well respected millionaires. I was a few credits shy of obtaining an undergraduate degree in business, and instead, had to settle for a minor. If I hadn’t become a therapist, I would definitely be an accountant. My family also runs several businesses in Odessa, Texas. I am truly passionate about my work as a therapist and business owner, and strive to help therapists reach their greatest potential when it comes to financial success.

I currently offer individual consulting and run a monthly workshop titled, “The Business of Private Practice.” For more intensive coaching, I offer an academy that meets every other month. Please see details and fee schedules below.
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• Meet with other clinicians and learn ways to build a 6-figure practice with integrity and compassion
• 3 hour workshop= 3 CEUs, breakfast, networking, workbook ($100/3 hrs)
• Future dates include March 24
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• The academy is a continuation of the workshop. In the workshop, I provided information on ways to improve financial success in private practice. In the academy, the information will be applied specifically to YOUR practice.
• Meets every other month and requires a yearlong commitment ($90/meeting)

• Meet one-on-one and discuss ways to achieve your financial goals ($125/hr)
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March 24